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Bjarnasteinn is a very impressive fishing pool. It widen out where the river turns back to the north. For many anglers this one is the ultimate fly-fishing pool, not surprisingly since big salmons have nested here for years. This pool is one of them in Vatnsdalsá most anglers grace with their present from year to another.

It’s advisable to start uppermost at the corner called Gílárkrókur, for there often some new run salmon is to be found. Virtual the first strike point is straight off an old weatherworn fence pole on the east waterside. This spot is about in the middle of the pool, about 10-15 meters above a big rock the water hits, the rock this pool has its name from. The next striking spot is to be found by this rock, both sides to it, particularly to the far current. The third spot is far down, by a little creek which runs down the east hillside. Here it is advisable to wade carefully into the middle of the pool, for the salmon lies at the east side of the river. Begin about 12-15 meters above a current which forms at the east side and fish towards the creek.

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