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Rofabakki is one of the most beautiful fly-fishing pools in the river Vatnsdalsá. The pool often holds big salmons, witch can strike almost everywhere here. Rofabakki is fished from the eastbank and it pays off not to wade this pool because the fish can lie near the bank, particularly in the morning. This pool can change from year to year.

This is many anglers' favourite pool, a beautiful one with an even current, just perfect for the fly to drift in. According to experience the best spots are fairly far up the pool. By the west bank there is a gravel bank and a small current right next to the high bank. The striking spots begin right at the tip of that bank. An experienced angler will easily catch sight of some large rocks under the surface, a little more towards the river's east side. The best spots are normally there by these rocks. But the pool is a fairly long and salmon can be expected all the way from there down to the sandbank below the high open bank. There are often some fish on the riffle. Char are often caught here also so this place really is a fine one.

In the part of Rofabakki the salmons often lie near the bank and in the still water further away. Many anglers fish this pool by casting the fly into the current above the still water. A big rock is located where the pool starts to widen and you can see the rock’s mark on the surface. You should fish in front of that rock and to the east side of it. In the lower part on the west bank of this pool is a big turf. About 5 meters above this turf salmons often lies.

It’s safe to say that salmons lie everywhere in this pool and you should fish it from top to the bottom.

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