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From 22°c and calm to 16 m/s

Skoda og Aspan hobbitarnir góðir samanJust wanted to post a brief notice about current status from the Valley.  Here the tempature has reach 22°c in the past few days with clear skies and this is not angler's favorite weather.  We know that many people would prefer this type of weather but not us, we need clouds and rain. Even if the weather hasn't been up to our standards the fishing is still ok.  We have seen it better but again we have seen it much worse so our hopes are high and fingers crossed.

This morning the weather changed dramatically, went from 22°c to 16 m/s and clouds have been building up but still no rain.   Still the lower part of the river has been good but still salmons have been caught on beat 3 and a nice 92cm was caught this morning in carpender pool..

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Petur Petursson

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