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It's started!

The group that started this year, and has started for the past 20 years, finished with smile on their face.  They manage to land 21 salmon from 80 to 100 cm.
One angler had an amazing fight in Skriðuvað were he hooked a nice fish.  Everyone who knows Skriðuvað know that when you hook a fish in this pool, it will be a great fight.  Its a fast running water and the salmon can run down in a record speed.  When this happens, the angler has only one option... too run.  After few minutes into the fight, the fish started to figure out that something was wrong so the battle begin.  As the angler is getting pretty old and grumpy, he hesitated to run with the salmon and had to use all his strength to hold the fish in the pool.  After few minutes and when the angler had reach land, exhausted after a long fight, the salmon went back in the pool.  At this point another angler had seen this and knew that the old and grumpy angler didn't had much strength left to finish the fight by himself so he helped him to reach land again and land the fish.  
This fish was a hen fish and was 93 cm, fresh from the sea and was of course released after a photo.
We hope that the summer will treat every angler as well as this angler and we look forward to welcome anglers for 2018.

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