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Sunny and difficult situations...

Difficult situations and the days between 8th and 12th gave 12 salmons which is good depending on situations in the valley

One 96 cm salmon and the rest a little bit smaller were caught in the last group.  Current group will fish until the 19th of July and so far it has been sun sun and more sun so situations have been extreamly difficult.  Good news are that now salmons are being hooked in the upper part of the river but usually they dont hook themselfs but as you can see on the photo some of them take the fly aggresively.


Two days ago 5 salmons were landed and all of them from the lower part of the river.  There is a lot of salmon there and as soon as the sun disappers, the salmons start to run and take the flies.


Still people enjoy fishing even if the situations are not on their side.  People are getting more exited since more fishes are seen in the upper part and people are starting to spot them all over the river.


Now in the past few days 17 salmons have been landed and someone said that it might rain soon.... even today.  Please look at our fishing diary for further information about our fishing and we will post news regulary from now on to keep you updated.


Tight lines,



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