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The Guides

Our head guide at Vatnsdalsa River is Ágúst Sigurdsson. Sigurdsson arrived at Vatnsdalsá River back in the summer of 1996. Since then, Sigurdsson has worked as a summer-guide at the river for up to two-months every year. 

“It’s a priviledge to be here in Vatnsdallur”, Sigurdsson says. “My favourite hook, if you can call it a ‘fly’, is ‘hitch’. I always try to get my customers to start off by using ‘hitch’ because I feel it’s a good fly to start searching with.” Sigurdsson also has a favourite pool in Vatnsdalsá River. “My favourite is Skriduvad because I find the experience of fishing there to be quite enjoyable and it’s where I’ve fished the most with any angler. It was at the end of July one summer and we caught 13 salmon in less than 13 tries. All caught on ‘hitch’, and sometimes we got two or three salmon in one go!” 

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