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Life's too good

So Autumn is here, first sign is always the weather! We've had all kinds this last couple of days, wind from all four directions, rain and very cold wheater. I'm don't think that the thundergod Thor has anything to do with this but who knows. But fishing has been good and some big ones, one 97 cm in Vadhvammur and one 98 cm in Thorhallastadahylur.

,,It was almost nine o'clock when the 97 cm fish took in Vadhvammur'' says Thorbjorn Helgi Thordarsson. ,,Me and my fishing partner Bjorn K.Runarsson had seen this fish and it was almost dark when he came to the fly. The fight was around 20 minutes, it was a big male made in Vansdalsa. I've good a 102 cm fish some years back and this one was in that category.''

So no matter how the weather is, Life's too good, like the name of the first Bjork and Sugarcubes album. We have landed around 920 salmons this year, along with some very big char, most of the bigger that 60 cm and sea trout. Things don't get better than this!

Save releases,
Petur Petursson.

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