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Crazy weather and big salmons

We have had all kinds of weater here in Vatnsdalur for the last few days. It's autumn for sure and the famous pool Torfhvammshylur is in autumn colours.

The river has gone up because of all the rain, it's been very windy, almost snow! But fishing has been ok, the last group had 15 salmons, one big, 95 cm in Birgishylur. The group that's in Vatnsdalur now has been here since 1998 I think. They are calld: The Hardheaded Firemen, since they all work as firemen in Reykjavík.

The oldest one in the group, called Julli, landed a big fish yesterday in terrible weather, it was 96 cm long and weighted 20.6 pounds. Somewhere there is a photo of that fish but the firemen could transfer it to the computer in time! We will show it to you later.

When I write this, there is a bingo event going on here in the lodge Flodvangur, with many great prices!

All the best,

Petur Petursson.

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