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Our prayers have been answered!

For the past 5 years we have been praying for rain during this time of the year.  Year after year we hardly saw a drop from the sky so we gave up any hope for rain.  Now we really think that the weather god finally received all of our prayers and decided to send it all at once but since we openned the river it has hardly stopped raining.

We have been here for 17 years and during that period we have never seen anything like this before.  The river changes dramatically day by day which makes fishing more difficult than when the river is normal.

The normal flow of the river is around 7,5 - 8 cubic meters.  For the past few weeks the river has been going up and down from 9 to 14 cubic meters and today the flow was around 17 cubic meters.  As you can expect this makes fishing difficult.  The water gets colored and the fish is laying in different places than normal.  For instance the pool Búbót hasn't hold any fish for many years and we normally just scan this pool quickly, mainly for char. Today we fish this pool regulary and until now 2 salmons have been landed in Búbót.  This tells us that there is a lot of salmon in the river but it spread in many different places.

Overall we celebrite the rain.  For sure this is good for the salmon and there is fish all over the river.  As this was written the the thermometer here in my office is showing 18°c and the evening sun is setting before our eyes.  

...now we only pray that the flow and rain will stop soon 

Feeling blessed


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