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I'm singing in the rain

Just a short update on what is happening here in Vatnsdalsa river.  The last group just finished with salmon ranging from 60 up to 94 cm.  Most of the salmon landed are above 75 cm but still there are some grilse running up the river.

We are still feeling blessed with rain but enough is enough and we will continue to pray to please stop the rain, at least just for couple of days.  The river is still going up to 17 cubic meters which makes our lives a little bit more difficult than normally.  Althougu we cannot complain since we catch nice salmons every day and we know there is fresh salmon running up the river on every tide.

Picture is an angler which is currently fishing.  He caught two 94 cm salmon the same day but in two different pools.

Tight lines and save releases,
Pétur Pétursson

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